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Rangpur Old Cadets Association

We are the Ex-Cadets of Rangpur Cadet College. In addition to many nation building activities, we organize relief distribution campaigns during disaster time, blood donation campaign, free of cost medical campaign and many other humanitarian activities. We see these activities as a mean to give something back to the nation which provided us with CCR. These activities also help us to keep close contact within our brotherhood. Together we dream of building a better Bangladesh. We co-operate, we help each other, together we cherish our beloved memories of 6 years cadet life and we work hard for a enlightened future, together.

Rangpur Old Cadets Association

Growing Together

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Rangpur Old Cadets Association (ROCA)
Atlantic Wazuddin Tower(3rd floor)
168 Elephant Road
Hatirpool, Dhaka
+88 02 8628877
+88 0197 22 77 622

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